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on June 16, 2020

US party retail chain Party City responded to the employees rant via its social me

on June 12, 2020

Sales for the first quarter of the year have decreased dramatically for US party ret

on May 26, 2020

American party retail group is seeing its shares pick up as some US states re

on April 16, 2020

Additional measures include a 50% salary decrease for ceo Brad Weston and further expense reductions.

on March 27, 2020

American Halloween and party retail group has extended its consumer-facing order collection service.

on March 20, 2020

American retail group Party City will be focusing on online sales as it temporarily clo

on March 17, 2020

Previous ceo Jim Harrison will be taking on the new role of vice chairman.

on March 17, 2020

American party retail group sees total sales continuing to decline while online sales climb.

on January 21, 2020

Business arm of global news company NBC takes a look at US retailer Party City.

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