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Jonathan Grassi explains how to ‘keep the balloon love alive’

The latest in a series of guest columns, overseas manager Jonathan Grassi explains why Grabo’s happiness philosophy is so important to the balloon business.

“How many people are lucky enough to get up each day and say ‘I am a balloon artist’? And how many people get to work every day with millions of different colours?

We are very lucky to be part of this business and so the first goal for everyone should be not only to maintain this business, but to do everything they can to improve it daily. We should all be making sure that every piece of balloon, every decoration, every composition is as beautiful as the client can imagine it – and even more!

As producers, what we at Grabo International strongly support is the use of high-quality balloons. It makes life simpler for artists. It makes for sounder, more reliable and more solid composition and decoration. It assures that a one-time one-day gift can last longer, sometimes even up to two or three weeks; a testament to that excellent strength and quality.

Most of all, when we use a good quality balloon – when it is used in an awesome-looking composition, when its endurance is even just slightly longer than what the consumer has expected – when all this happens at the same time – this is when we create magic.

We might be part of a very small and select group within the world, but really, we are one big family and we should give great respect to that.

In the balloon and party world a part of our happiness and passion dies whenever we do not give the right service. We owe it to ourselves, to our business and to the business of everyone in the industry to ensure that we remain dedicated to the final result – which is always so much more than ‘just’ a balloon.

Let’s keep it beautiful, let’s keep it special. Let’s keep the balloon love alive.”

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