Balloon World implements free drop shipping

Balloon and party wholesaler Balloon World is offering free drop shipping to end users on behalf of its retailers for the duration of the Covid-19 shutdown.

From Monday 23 March NorthwestGreetings/Balloon World will offer a dropship service direct to end-users at no extra charge (except shipping) across gifts and partyware.

From a stock perspective there have been a few shortages across the range but with over 11,000 lines available, Balloon World expects to have a suitable alternative on offer.

“We hope this will support our online customers as they won’t be able to to leave their shop to travel to the warehouse to supply their online orders,” said owner Richard Aylett. “We will take that pressure away from our customers while keeping them safe.”

“As a country we are entering uncharted waters and I think they’re going to be pretty choppy,” he continued. “I know we are all worried about our businesses and quite rightly so, but there is a bigger concern and it’s our health. As much as I’m a business man first and foremost I’m a family man, my advice would be stay safe and stay healthy. Yes we may face a different world, but face it your loved ones will always have your back.”

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