Balloon Market Buzz: ‘Balloons are on-trend’

In the most recent instalment of Balloon Market Buzz, Greg Brown is joined by ballooning legend Sue Bowler to talk about the current state of the balloon industry .

As always, Sue was fantastically positive, talking about all aspects of balloon decor and artistry, from current trends to corporate clients.

“I think the industry is in a really good place,” Sue began. “We’ve obviously got some issues going on but hopefully we’re addressing those. In terms of the positive sides of the balloon industry I think we’re doing extremely well.”

She continued: “Balloons are trending very high. All the big retailers are using balloons in their advertising campaigns – predominantly they are working with 3ft balloons to get the big impact of those.”

Sue also spoke about the continuing popularity of the organic balloon trend – which she describes as ‘set in stone’ – as well as the increasing trend for incorporating flowers into balloon décor and and how corporate clients are now starting to see balloon décor as the real art form it is.

Take a look for yourself – and let us (and Greg!) know what you think.

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