Grabo sends message of hope during Italian lockdown

Italian balloon company Grabo sends a message of hope while also announcing that it has been required to halt production for the next two weeks as Italy’s lockdown measures become stricter.

“We are very sad to announce that due to government decree, and due to Covid-19, we are forced to close our production for 14 days,” said sales manager Jonathan Grassi.

Speaking directly to, Jonathan explained that as the number of new Italian cases continues to fall, he is hopeful that business will be able to return to a degree of normality within a fortnight.

“The number of new cases is continuing to drop and so we are hoping to be up and running again very soon,” he said. “The European Central Bank has been very helpful and so while there is lots of uncertainty, people are hoping that this will all be better once it’s all over.”

“The coming weeks are not about making money, they are about being socially responsible and looking after one another,” Jonathan continued. “We can not control crises, but we can control ourselves. We have to play our part before we start playing with balloons again.”

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