Retail Feedback: 2019 so far

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s been plenty going on out there in the world of retail – both good and bad. Jean Harper, owner of Masquerade Fancy Dress in Watford shares her opinion on the true state of Britain’s high streets in 2019.

How has business been for you in the first six months of the year so far?

“We have ticked along so far for 2019. The start of the year was slow but that was to be expected after a busy New Year’s Eve. I think it is fairly general throughout the trade.”

Has the last six months been a fair representation of the party industry in 2019?

“Lots of people just go onto their phones to see costumes being sold at less than the shop price because either it is an online business or a someone selling them after wearing them once. So we have to be thankful for third place!”

Have any areas of your business done particularly well this year so far?

“Our hire department has done well. Customers always come to us for our hire costumes which are much better quality and have been made professionally. Some are authentic as well, such as the uniforms. We tend to find that customers who look at both will often go for the better quality costume. They are better designs and are made from better materials – it’s a much better look overall.”

How do you expect the rest of 2019 to be for your business?

“We will be looking forward to a great Halloween. We always have a lot of extra goodies and we have a fantastic mask selection lined up, as well as creepy items like the rocking baby pram with scary music!”

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