NABAS AGM 2019 is declared an ‘inspiration’

The annual NABAS AGM and training day, held this year on Monday 8 April, was a great success, according to George Oustayiannis, chairman of NABAS and managing director of GO International.

The much-anticipated event included a full day of workshop training which focused on air-filled decor training in order to help members offer something different in the face of rising helium costs.

“This year’s AGM was the best-attended NABAS event to date,” said George, who went on to explain why this year’s event was so significant for him.

“For me, what made it so special is seeing so many understand the power of giving. With such a mixed bunch of talent ranging from relative beginner to seasoned professional, I was moved to see so many delegates willing to pass on their wealth of knowledge to those climbing the ladder. And when we think about it, isn’t that what a great association should really be about?”

He continued; “Rather than the focus being on taking and ‘what’s in it for me’, I saw so much giving, and a ‘how can we help’ attitude, and with so many of us at different stages of our careers, it really was inspiring to see. Yes of course there are those expecting everything for their hard-earned £49 full-day attendance fee, and the good news was it was there in abundance, with every NABAS trainer willing to teach, help, support and answer any questions anyone may have had on the day.”

George also stated that he was inspired by those that had attended last year’s AGM for the first time, full of nervousness and intrepidation, but had returned for 2019 and were blossoming into confident balloon artists in their own right.

“There is something uniquely different and powerful about our association,” he concluded. “For those that actually ‘get it’, the benefits and the very reason for our success and continued growth are abundantly clear to see. It’s not the committee, or the trainers that make our association great, it’s everyone of us that wants to inspire and be inspired. It’s for those that understand we are here to help each other grow.”

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