EBPC releases balloon best practice programme

The European Balloon and Party Council has officially released its balloon best practise programme, with a range of marketing material being made available for members to use.

The relaunched programme was originally released three years ago and this updated version has been re-designed by EBPC members, for EBPC members.

The materials available include a series of posters and leaflets with the aim of raising consumer awareness and educating the general public on the best way to handle balloons responsibly and positively improve the image of the industry as a whole.

“We are proud to announce the re-launch of our ‘Balloons’ best practice programme to deliver clear guidance to consumers,” commented EBPC’s operations manager Suteesh Chumber. “The objective of the ‘Balloons’ programme is to continue to raise a positive profile for the industry and start on a campaign of industry sustainability.”

He continued; “With our experience regarding legislation during the past year, there has never been a more important time to bring the industry together in a responsible and sustainable way to ensure prosperity within our sector.”

The programe is available for EBPC members only, although retailers and others who deal directly with consumers will be able to get a personalised copy from manufacturers or distributors who work with EBPC, such as Pioneer Europe. The information is available in all EU languages.

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