Christmas fancy dress banned at Hull pubs

Christmas fancy dress such as Santa costumes and Christmas jumpers have been banned at three Hull pubs in a bid to stop drunken groups from ruining the evening for others.

The Lion and Key’s owner Alan Murphy, who also owns Hawkes and Walters in Old Town, said the decision to introduce the ban stemmed from watching people on festive bar crawls annoying other visitors.

No-one will be allowed in any of Alan’s pubs after 8pm if they are wearing festive costumes or clothing.

“A lot of fellow publicans contacted me from around the country telling me it was a great idea,” Alan said. “There is something about dressing up which makes people act differently.”

“They often set tasks for each other such as everyone taking something from a pub. I have seen people take away bar stools before.”

Customers are still welcome into the pubs in festive outfits during the daytime.


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