Balloon Talk: The rise of air-filled balloon designs

Experienced balloon artist and owner of Derbyshire-based Balloon Artworks, Melanie Allen CBA takes a look at the balloon industry’s growing interest in air-filled décor and displays.

With the increasing price of helium worldwide and some countries, such as the United States, experiencing shortages due to supply issues, Melanie asks whether the balloon industry’s love affair with helium is at an end?

“I don’t think we’ve gone that far just yet,” she says, “but I am seeing a heightened interest in air-filled balloon décor and displays among balloon decorators and retailers.”

Melanie uses the messages she receives in response to her weekly balloon art tutorials on her YouTube channel to gauge the balloon community’s prevailing thinking and current concerns.

“The recent hike in the price of helium seems to have focused people’s minds and many have come to realise that their businesses are perhaps a little over-reliant on helium,” she continues. “Inevitably, it’s these businesses that are more exposed to fluctuating helium prices and supply issues.”

Melanie also believes that greater numbers of balloon decorators and retailers are looking to expand their skills base and embrace air-filled designs on a scale they haven’t been inspired to do for quite some time.

While the shift away from helium may not be of seismic proportions, Melanie forecasts that the trend for air-filled will continue as helium prices continue to increase.

“The general consensus seems to be that, over time, helium prices will continue to rise,” she concludes. “I think times like this can force people to look more creatively at their product offering. We’re a creative industry with an abundance of talent and balloons are such a wonderfully versatile medium, so I think once people get over the initial shock, they will quickly adapt.”

About Melanie Allen

Melanie Allen is a Certified Balloon Artist and a member of the Balloon Artistes’ Guild. She started out as a balloon twister and quickly fell in love with balloon decor. She now classes herself as a deco-twister, combining elements from both disciplines to create unique decor for her clients. Melanie publishes free balloon art tutorials and tips every Tuesday via her Balloon Artworks’ YouTube channel.

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