Qualatex Launches Breakthrough Chrome Balloons

Pioneer Europe is launching an exciting new range of Qualatex balloons. The breakthrough Chrome balloons will be on show at Nuremberg Toy Fair and Spring Fair.

The patent-pending Chrome balloons are latex balloons created using breakthrough technology, achieving ‘A New Kind of Shine, that is rich, reflective and radiant. Chrome Balloons are available in a range of six different colours, mauve, green, blue, purple, silver and gold.

“This is more than another series of balloon colours — the line is truly a breakthrough product and not just because of the visual impact,” said Dan Flynn, chief operating officer of Pioneer Balloon Company in Wichita, KS, USA. “We encourage all our customers to see and work with them to appreciate just how innovative and different they are.”

In addition to their signature shine, Chrome balloons have a helium retention that is unsurpassed among latex balloons and offers greater value to balloon decorators and their clientele. The balloons are also remarkably pliable, opening up a whole new level of creative possibilities for balloon modellers and deco-twisters.

“We’re very excited to be launching these balloons at the Nuremberg Toy Fair (31 Jan – 4 Feb) and Spring Fair (4 -8 Feb),” said Julie Dommett, head of marketing for Pioneer Europe. “The feedback from everyone who has been involved in their development and testing so far has been amazing, so we know our customers are in for a treat.”

The range launches in 11” and 260Q sizes and will be available from 1 February.

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