Smiffys prepares for Brexit-themed Halloween

As the clock counts down to the scary season – with both Halloween and the impending Brexit decision scheduled for Thursday 31 October – party expert Smiffys has taken matters into its own hands with a range of Brexit-themed costumes and accessories.

Famed for its ‘serious fun’ approach to business, Smiffys’ latest politically motivated dress-up range is great for Halloween 2019, the date when the Brexit negotiations are currently set to conclude and a decision to be made one way or another.

In the collection, Smiffys has paid homage to some of the key players in the current political landscape with four new latex masks which are great for group dress-up; Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbyn.

Customers can also be prime minister for a night with the Posh Politician kit which features a wig, tie and badge for a scarily similar look to the UK’s current Prime Minister. The new Posh Prime Minister Piggyback costume also joins the existing President Piggyback Costume, offering two great novelty designs which bring the much-talked-about leaders to life.

“There is nothing scarier than politics and with the impending Brexit decision, the UK waits in anticipation as to whether a beneficial deal is struck,” says trade marketing manager Sharon Poulter. “Coincidentally, Halloween festivities are getting underway and the extended Brexit negotiations are due to come to a head at the same time, making it the perfect opportunity for consumers to add a bit of horror to their politics.”

All items are available for pre-order now at

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