Pioneer Europe urges customers to promote ‘Safe Balloon Practice’

Pioneer Europe has urged customers to promote ‘Safe Balloon Practice’ following its work with EBPC and its representatives from across Europe.

As a founding member of the EBPC, representatives from Pioneer Europe have worked with EBPC to lobby the European Commission and European Parliament on changes to EU communications and the proposed Single Use Plastic Directive (SUP) which was announced in May 2018.

“It was my pleasure to work with other members of the EBPC to produce a set of materials that we believe will be useful to retailers and decorators alike,” said Julie Dommett, head of marketing for Pioneer Europe, “as we all try to convey the message to consumers that balloons should be used and disposed of responsibly.”

“We all know it is difficult to have a conversation with a customer who has set their heart on undertaking a balloon release, particularly if it is part of a memorial service and especially if they have undertaken a release in times past. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to have some materials that talk about the reasons why, as a responsible balloon professional, we don’t support balloon releases, and explain that we’d be happy to work with them on a beautiful alternative.”

She continued: “I believe it’s really important that we show as an industry that we can make significant positive steps without external bodies mandating us to do so, and choosing to spread the word on best balloon practice with all our customers at every opportunity.”

Qualatex customers in the UK can now order pre-printed leaflets, posters and care cards for their business. Translated versions of these materials are being rolled out to Qualatex distributors across Europe.

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