PEBA Supports Australian Balloon Release Bans

PEBA (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance), Australia’s largest balloon industry association, is supporting the current moves by local and state governments to ban the organised and deliberate release of balloons across the country to reduce the environmental impact.

PEBA has confirmed that it is working with hundreds of industry professionals who do not support or condone the deliberate release of balloons.

Chris Adamo from Balloons Online, one of Sydney’s premier balloon designers, says that industry professionals are continuing to educate people on the responsible use of balloons.

“As PEBA members we continue to educate the general public, our clients and venue managers on the importance of not releasing balloons into the environment and being responsible with the uses and disposal of all balloons. Our art form adds fun and happiness to the community, and that can be hard to find these days,” said Chris.

The standards that PEBA is implementing have gained traction throughout the Australian balloon industry. Crucially, it is not calling for an outright ban on balloons.

“The industry is made up of balloon artists, decorators and entertainers who are valued members of Australia’s arts and entertainment community and who care about the environment,” said PEBA’s Zoe Adams-Jones. “What we do not support is the call to ban balloons totally, which some groups are now calling for.”

“The livelihoods of these people are being lost and thousands of jobs are on the line,” Zoe continued. “We can intelligently and proactively regulate to find a balance between smart environmental management and growing our industry. PEBA is part of the solution.”

There are now movements in the UK, US, Norway, Sweden and other countries that support PEBA’s principles. PEBA’s mission is to help make Australia the first continent in the world to ban the deliberate release of balloons.

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