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Party round the world: A Polish Przyjęcie

A country rich in unique traditions and authentic celebrations, Poland celebrates a wide variety of seasons, festivals and celebrations – many of them based in local folklore or religious beliefs. Many of them attract tourists from all around Europe, while others mark more serious occasions, such as the struggle for independence.

GoDan’s sales manager Magdalena Wojteczek spoke to a number of the company’s Smile Zone retail partners to find out more.

 “There are a great number of annual celebrations that take place in Poland, all throughout the year. Carnival is of course very popular, with schools organising special events on the last day. The spring brings Easter holidays and Spring Day, as well as the 1st Communion, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and the beginning of wedding season. Halloween is not that important anymore, but All Saints Day is becoming more and more popular.

A typical Polish party features plenty of foil balloon decorations and balloon garlands, which are very popular. A photo booth or photo wall is also often used and more and more people are taking advantage of small gadgets and accessories like fancy party glasses, headbands and ties.

There have been no parties now since March really – it was a little better from June until September because weddings could be organised, but this was banned very quickly as the virus started to spread. There is not much happening now.

Children’s birthdays are taking place at home so people need less decorations and most of the trade business moved to online shops. Our retailers try to be as flexible as possible and often offer door- to-door services and are focusing on their online business.

We asked our franchise stores about their current situation and what they expect to happen in 2021. Everyone believes that 2021 will continue to be very difficult as it will take a lot of time until major part of the population will be vaccinated. Everyone is hoping that summer time will be better again as there are more open-air opportunities!

One of the problems is that regulations are changing so often that nobody can make any plans. We cannot plan for First Communion products because nobody knows what will happen in May. Most of our customers are focusing on how to survive and not on future investments.

We have a lot of novelties now so some of our customers who are doing well have been investing in those new items – for example, we are launching a special line of foil balloons which is perfect for those hard times as it is very good quality for less money! We are trying are best to forward positive vibrations to our clients for the nearest future, so let’s hope our products will help them make good business this summer.”

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