Making changes; party and sustainability

With the urgency of the global climate crisis becoming increasingly clear, asked a number of party suppliers for their take on the issue.

“Of course, the new single-use plastic regulations will affect our industry and we will all have to adapt to them. It is already clear to see that producers are trying to propose alternative, environmentally friendly products. We have been trying to adapt to the new situation on the market with disposable tableware.

At the end of last year, we launched the production of bio- straws. They are produced in accordance with all regulations and are fully biodegradable with all the necessary approvals and certificates. We also have expanded our offer of wooden cutlery.

We are observing an increasing demand for paper straws and with that in mind we can also ensure there is an ever-growing offer which corresponds to the needs of our clients.”

Magdalena Wojteczek, sales, GoDan

“ITI (UK) wholeheartedly support the work of the EBPC in promoting the continued and enjoyable eco-friendly use of balloons. We are actively promoting the fact that balloons are made of latex and not plastic and that even though they will biodegrade, they should be disposed of appropriately after use to avoid littering. Along with our partner companies we state clearly that we do not support balloon releases.

The prototype of a bio-compostable bag was introduced and received enthusiastically at Spring Fair earlier this year. Some of our regular customers have agreed to introduce it to their customers on a trial basis. We are currently waiting for feedback but are optimistic that the British market is ready to start moving in this direction. We are also working on a new range of compostable balloon accessories such as balloon ribbon and balloon clips.”

Mark Brett, UK Agent, ITI (UK)

“I think the industry needs to reassess its products’ packaging, and ultimately the reusability of its products in the long term. We all need to make an effort to recycle and use more recycled materials. All our shipping boxes at Palmer Agencies are made of either reused, recycled or recyclable material.”

Sergio Battaner, sales and marketing director, Palmer Agencies

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