Industry Issue: Moon Glow on the new neon UV pigment technology

Moon Glow, part of the Moon Creations family, has introduced a new neon UV pigment technology in response to recent concerns regarding the existing neon pigments regulatory compliance.

Lewis Ames, director of sales, marketing and distribution, shares his thoughts about the recent developments.

“A recent ruling prohibited the continued use of three specific colourants – Basic Red 1:1 (CI 45161), Basic Violet 11:1 (CI 45174) and Solvent Yellow 172 – the basis for the majority of neon UV makeup products.

The prohibition focuses on the manufacturing of products containing these colourants going forward. Because the decision was not related to product safety but new interpretation of the existing regulations, the Trading Standards decision permits existing customers to sell-through their existing stocks.

At Moon Glow we have also been working closely with Trading Standards in the UK and other competent authorities within the EU. We have developed new formula products that are free from these colourants while retaining the brightest daylight shades and UV glow technically possible. A number of these products are already available and being shipped to customers.

All Moon Glow products, new and old, are also free from pigments containing Bisphenol-A, which is now CoRAP listed and likely to be reclassified as CMR 1B in the near future*.

Reformulating our products has also allowed us to remove formaldehyde crosslinked pigments. We’ve gone one step further and removed preservatives that work by releasing formaldehyde into the finished product over time, such as imidazolidinyl urea. We have also removed parabens, which have been the subject to much controversy with consumers for a number of years.

While these preservatives are permitted, we took this opportunity to remove them from our products as new preservatives with no safety concerns or negative stigma have become readily available. Moon Creations is committed to product safety and exceeding the required safety standards.”

*Category 1B are substances that are ‘presumed to have CMR potential for humans’, where CMR stands for ‘Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or toxic to Reproduction’. Once Bisphenol-A has been classified as CMR 1B, it will no longer permitted for use in cosmetics except in exceptional circumstances. Products containing Bisphenol-A based pigments can be identified by the ingredient Bis(glycidoxyphenyl)propane / Bisaminomethylnorbornane Copolymer on the ingredients listing.

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