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Halloween spending predicted to reach £365 million

Halloween spending in the UK is predicted to reach £365 million in 2019, according to the seasonal survey conducted by Kids Insights.

This year’s research was based on the results of surveying 2,500 British children in the twelve weeks between July and September 2019 and found that the average UK child will spend £29.50 on Halloween-related product this year.

Costumes are the biggest outgoing, with the average child expecting their parents to spend £.8.10 on a scary costume. Older children – from pre-teen up to 18-years-old – expect to spend less; around £6.10 each. The research estimates that the total spending on children’s Halloween costumes will amount to £91.6m.

Make-up and special effects product sees that trend reverse, with the older age group prepared to spend more on creating the right look at £4 each, compared to £3.60 for the younger age group.

Decorations chalk up a similarly impressive amount, with younger children expecting spending approximately £5.40 each on decorations, an amount which decreases with age, as older children expect to spend just £4.20.


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