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BMTV: talking to Grabo’s Jonathan Grassi

In the most recent episode of BMTV, Greg Brown is joined by Grabo’s managing director Jonathan Grassi as he talks about the current state of the balloon industry and Grabo’s recent decision to start supplying a third party working with New Look.

Jonathan joined Greg to talk all things balloon and the chat begins with the pair talking about how the industry is faring at the moment and the challenges it is facing, particularly as a result of the helium shortage.

The main reason for the call was to give Greg the opportunity to speak to Jonathan about Grabo’s recent decsision to supply high street fashion retailer New Look.

“[Talking to customers] is something that I feel I have to do because openness and honesty has always been a key factor of our business,”  began Jonathan. “How independent balloon decorators feel now is something that has always been… of major concern to me.”

He went on the explain the background to the decision-making process, admitting that he knew the deal could potentially upset Grabo’s client base but pointing out that; “if I don’t go in, my competitor goes in and I lose market share…”

Greg and Jonathan then discussed the importance of supporting the independent market and addressed a number of other concerns, such as the low pricing which: “doesn’t make sense, isn’t going to be profitable for the retailer and is going to damage our market and devalue balloon compositions”.

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