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US Balloon Council Fights Back

A series of new adverts supporting the ‘smart’ use of balloons have been attracting attention on Facebook, thanks to the US-based ‘Balloons Lift Up’ initiative.

The pro-balloon campaign is the brainchild of International Balloon Month and The Balloon Council and challenges people to lighten someone’s mood with the gift of balloons.

It has responded to the proposal to ban the use and sale of all balloons on Block Island (off the coast of Rhode Island, Washington) with a series of adverts and a call to action. The adverts feature a provocative tagline; ‘Block Island has bigger problems’ — as well as a hashtag, #BeBalloonSmart and a link to the website for the group,

The adverts feature children in various states of dismay under the headline “Ban balloons? Srsly?”

Block Islanders, as well as others, are weighing in with their opinions about the ad, which was posted on March 19.

“I am confident that we would see no decrease in our levels of happiness if balloons were banned…” wrote one commenter, while others protested the proposed legislation. “Seriously, a balloon. Get real guys, they bring joy, smiles and great for celebrating…”

The proposal to ban balloons on Block Island is in the very early stages. A letter written by The Balloon Council was published in The Block Island Times on March 17, making the case for smart balloon use and education rather than legislation.

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