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Party Opinion: How’s business going?

Mark Brett is the UK agent for both Boland Party and ITI (UK) and has years of party industry experience under his belt. He shares his take on the best way to respond to that dreaded question – ‘how’s business going?’.

“A pretty simple question, with potentially a pretty simple answer . Yet it is one those questions that carries a whole load of baggage and pitfalls. Does person asking really want a truthful answer?

At this time of year within our industry, immediately post-Halloween , the question on everyone’s lips is how was it for you (or rather for everyone else)?

Well the answer is not so straightforward ‘cos it was different for most. There are local issues that have affected some in completely different ways. For example one customer had a very good Halloween because a competitor had closed, but another not so good as major road works hampered their customer flow, so it was ok but not great. But for some ‘it were great’.

It’s a question I am regularly asked but always think hard about before opening my big gob. I think about who is asking and what do they genuinely want to hear. If they are having a really tough time, especially through reasons beyond their control I don’t really think they want to hear how wonderful everyone is doing (although its is rarely quite that straightforward). On the other hand, if I figure that they are having a tough time and would want to know if others are having a better time then they may get some inspiration, motivation or just ideas that will help change the course of their business, I tell ’em.

So my theory on the post heading is….If you ask the question, consider whether you will get a truthful answer, and whether you want a truthful answer. If you are asked the question, ‘sod the questioner’, give the answer you want to give .

This truncated article was taken from a blog post on Mark’s party website and can be read in full here.

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